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I have a diabetic border collie


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I have a beautiful border collie of 14 years old who has diabetes. She has her good and bad days but never shows any distress.
Is there anyone out there, in and around the Shropshire area who could get in touch to share any of their experiences of living with a dog who has diabetes.
How to cope etc.
Many thanks
I can't help, but I do have friends who have a labrador with diabetes - they struggled for ages to get his insulin levels right, and it cost them a fortune, so I know it's not easy. I hope you can find someone who can share their experiences with you.
I don't either but I have read that when you have the dosage stablised, you can use an epi-pen type device so you don't need needles.
I have a special-needs border collie too. He's 11 with seizures. Also worked for vet for years. Thanks for your dedication.

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