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I was here first. What’s George planning?


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George is attempting a stealth takeover.

I sat with them until George wandered off to sit with the Gauleiter.
An hour ago I decided to give Mabel’s claws a trim. She doesn’t like it but she will tolerate my doing it. During her time in her previous two homes her nails were neglected and, as a result, the quicks are somewhat extended. Therefore the nails need more regular attention than would be usual so that she can walk sans discomfort. Unfortunately I managed to catch a quick. She leapt back and, although she didn’t squeal, there was a fair amount of blood. Had to borrow corn flour from a neighbour. She’s now in the back porch feeling very sorry for herself but very forgiving of me.

We’ve put her right front paw in a sock. Will take it off when the nail has stopped bleeding. I was amazed at the amount of blood from such a tiny wound. Her original owners have got a lot to answer for. Sorry, I hate ending sentences with a preposition.
Sorry, I hate ending sentences with a preposition.

That is the sort of pedantry up with which I will not put:D

If I'd ever cut one of Jasper's quicks, chances are that not all the resulting blood would have been his...:confused:
Try doing just one nail at a time, followed by the little reward I am sure you are giving her. It's building blocks for the future.
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The daily stare across the breakfast table.

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