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Important news concerning gloucester tomorrow

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by LJH, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. LJH

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    All those travelling to Gloucester tomorrow please note. There is standing water on the area we would normally use for parking, along the side of the track. So we will be asking people to park in a smaller area,slightly away from the track by our container. We ask that you park as tidily as possible.
    The situation will not be ideal but it is the best we can do, There was a 5 a side tournament there today and they have wrecked the entrance we were due to use. Unfortunately this means there will be no access for caravans/motor homes. They will have to park in the car park.
    Please enter the ground by the second school entrance, ie the one furthest from the motorway..
    We will manage, I am sure. I hasten to add, the track is absolutely smashing. There is no standing water on that area at all.

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