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Inca Has Cruciate Ligament Repair Op On Wednesday :-(

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Thanks Gem, Strix i have some paw wax which i do use but it doesn't last on her paws for too long and if she is in her crate she just lies licking it off,she is so placid and accepting i doubt the boots will bother her, she loves wearing her reindeer ears at Christmas and she has bunny ears at Easter please dont get the wrong idea, im not a dog owner who dresses the dogs up in stupid clothes, both the antlers and ears were my sons when he was younger , it was an accident we found she liked wearing them lol.
Hee hee! She sounds like an amazing dog :D

I hope she likes her boots :)
Just found this one of her at Easter with her bunny ears on, she was fast asleep and had worn them for most of the morning at this point (w00t)

inca bunny ears.jpg
Oh, how stressed does she look in that photo?

I can't imagine Molly being anything like as chilled if we put something on her head.
I'll have to remember to show you Brudolph next time I'm posting from the laptop - he's pulling a very similar face :D
Well were all geared up for tomorrows second operation, crate bedding is all clean, ive been and got a thick foam piece which fits exactly so she is more comfortable and a vet bedding duvet thing for her to lie on too, she even has a memory foam pillow lol.

Her appointment is at 9.30 so i guess it will be late afternoon when we collect her, fingers and toes crossed that this op does the trick and she can finally begin her road to recovery instead of being no further forward 5 weeks on from her initial injury, the boots we bought have been a real help, she wears them with no issue at all,

they have given her more stability when pottering about.
is there any room left in the crate for Inca?! :D

I hope it all goes well today :)
lol just about, it's very cosy in there so much so i'm tempted to go in and curl up myself, my thinking is seeing as the poor thing is going to have to be hold up in there for a long time she may as well be comfy !! i also think back to my days as a child when i made beds for all my teddies lol.

I have just spoken to our the vet we can go get her about 6pm ish so will tell more later.
Got back with Inca earlier , she is ok, a bit woosey but ok. we have to go back to our vets for a check up in a few days, then back to the specialists in two weeks for stitches out and another check, then back in 8 weeks to the specialists for x rays.

She had a type of TPLO operation where they cut a wedge of bone from the head of the femur and hold it all together with plates and screws, heal time should be betwen 6 and 16 weeks, there may be some hydro at some point as there is already a degree of muscle wastage but we will address that when the time comes.

Fingers crossed for no infection complications .
Glad she's okay Andrea :)

They're such a worry aren't they?

If she's anything like Brude she'll be determined to be on her feet sooner rather than later
She has been quite perky to be honest, she is putting her toe down now when she walks too, trying to keep her from doing too much too soon will be an issue though as she is now so used to accommodating the bad leg she can cope very well on 3 o:) she is off to our vet tomorrow just for a check up on her wound really.
Glad to hear that she's through the operation and looking a bit more like herself :)

I think that by the end of the weeks of cage rest you'll have driven yourself slightly bonkers with keeping her entertained and quiet, but I'm sure that you'll happily do that if it brings you a happy and healthy Inca at the end :)
How is Inca doing now? Coming along?
Hi all, just a quick update on Inca, her second op has been a complete success (w00t) she was signed off from the specialists last week after an examination and a quick x ray we were told her leg is 75% healed and no further action is needed , we can resume almost normal activity, we have taken her to the park a few times which she has loved and she goes off lead and has a good old mooch about, as long as we don't throw a ball she wont go far from our side at all , so over the next 5 weeks or so we can build up her exercise levels back to her running about.

I've been very happy with the specialists, her treatment and cost were excellent £1600 for cruciate op with pins, nuts and bolts isn't a bad shout seeing as i had been quoted £5000 +vat elsewhere.
Fabulous news :) :) :)

Thank you for the update Andrea.

Crossed fingers that Inca looks after her new knee.
Brilliant news hope Inca is happy to be allowed to get back to normal activities.
Ive been busy with work etc, and everyone had flu after the new year , iv'e currently got a stinking cold but will try to be a little more pro - active o:)
Ahhh, no worries, I know we all have busy lives.... x

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