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Injured myself and had to temporarily let someone care for my girl


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An update on me, 8 weeks ago I fell taking my girl into field to go potty and broke my leg and was in hospital for a few weeks and needed surgery.

My girl is at my relatives being spoiled, she is still hyper and I think understimulated as relatives are pensioners they can only take her out for a walk for around 20 minutes a day, not including times taken in garden and she likes to pick things up and chew.

She wants out less but still quite a bit, can get hyper moments where she barks for attention, she also seems a little jealous of the relatives 14 year old collie, she likes to wag her tail and get in her face so elder dog gives a little growl but if elder dog jumps up for a cuddle from anyone my girl decides to jump in as well which has led to a few barks.

Also a side thing my girl is very greedy, both dogs have to be fed in different rooms as my girl will try and steal elder dogs food for which she has also had a few snaps/barks she also steals out of anyones hand especially high value items.

Diet wise I was feeding her cooked chicken mince, she did have a few accidents in the week or so before my accident that seemed more to be she seemed constipated as she asked for at at the normal times she poops, went outside and she did nothing even if was out for 15 minutes came in hid in a spot she goes to have her accidents and went straight away, for the first few days when she went to relatives she had accidents bar that she only had 1, parents feed her supermarket dry food.

So unsure on her diet going forward, wet food especially cooked food makes her poop less and drink little (and bar that last few weeks before my accident)

Dry food she has only had 1 accident but drinks a lot, and has many poops a day (though wants out generally no more than when she was with me)

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