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Introducing rescue dog to puppy


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Some advice needed on bringing home a 4 year old dog. We already have a 5 month old puppy.
Obviously we will do a few meetings at the rescue centre before bringing the new dog home to check we and the dogs all get on etc etc, but assuming it all goes well and we are able to adopt him, what advice would you give for settling him in at our house?
He’s toilet trained etc but would you take him outside often for the first few days so he learns our garden is the toilet, almost like when you have a new puppy?
And tips for helping the puppy adjust to having another dog in his house? He’s very sociable, loves hanging out with other dogs, but I’m just nervous that he’ll be different once there’s a dog in his house.
Others will have more but I've read that rather than bring the new dog into the home while the puppy is there, walk them together and bring them both in at the same time.
Is your puppy happy to be on his own in a room, or being told to settle down on his bed/crate/sofa? I'm thinking it would be important to prevent pup from pestering the new dog. Practising getting him to settle down, either in the room with you or in another room, could prevent him associating any loss of freedom with the new dog.

Re beds: I've read that there should be one more bed than there are dogs, so each has a choice. And they don't want to be too close together, at least to start with.

I'm sure taking the new dog out often, like a new pup, would be worth doing. Your home will be full of doggy smells that he might want to try to cover up...

Good luck!
Currently the puppy cannot be alone at all - he loves company which is partly why we have decided to get another dog. However, he will occasionally take himself off to one of his beds or will settle on the sofa with us so we can use that as his calming place.
Thanks for the advice. Current puppy has a crate which he never uses so planning to clean that out and get fresh bedding and throws and making that a space for the older dog to go to for some peace.
They won’t be left alone together until we are sure that they are both getting the space they need etc, but hoping that one day they’ll be able to settle down for an hour together so we can get in with other things.
It’ll probably be a long process but will be worth it!

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