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Is my white labrador a pedigree or a cross?


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I got a white male Labrador called Harvey and will be 3 years old in March. I had a black Labrador before him but I am wondering is it normal for white Labradors to have a fleshy spot colour on their black nose (was black when he was a puppy) and a fluffy tail that curls upwards as my black Labrador's tail was straight.

I'm just curious to know. I would get a photo but I can't get him in a decent position to show his tail.
Hi there,

I have a yellow Lab and his nose has gotten paler on the top and black everywhere else as he has gotten older and he is pedigree. Sometimes their nose changes colour as they get older, sometimes they dont.

His tails curls up as well when he is excited or in a playful mood, and it's getting bushier at the bottom as well. Mine is only 20 months so still maturing but it went from straight and smooth, to curled and the fur getting thicker as he grows up.

My personal opinion is that it's perfectly normal :)

Hope that helps

Sophie x
Ok Thank you Sophie. I can't get my dog KC registered because even though the dad was a KC registered gun dog but the mum came from Spain so wasn't registered but I was just curious if fluffy curled tails were normal for labs
Like I said my dog has a slightly curled tail that is getting fluffier as he gets older. It depends on how curled it is? If it's really curled and constantly so then it could be that she is a cross with something.

Sophie x
With some breeds I have seen that are more like a loop then I would think he is a cross now but he is nearly 3 so I doubt it, his tail points upwards really.

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