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Is studying dog grooming worth it?


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Hi everyone thx for reading my post i'm after some help if possible i'm currently self employed (newsagent) i'm selling my business as ive done it for 15yrs so now i'm looking at change in career something 4 myself 2 enjoy and having dogs all my life i'm looking at dog grooming. I've researched i my local town how many dog grooming business there is 3 shops, 1 from home and 1 mobile van, i'm looking at city & guilds level 3 or International Professional Groomers certificate in salon professional groomer which is equivalent 2 level 2/3. I have couple days nxt week with my local groomers 2 c on hand what it is all about and if it is for me but i'm very excited either way. So basically i'm asking is it worth all the hard work and studying for the reward at the end (happy dogs and good earner).

IPG Certi
Getting a dog grooming qualification is highly beneficial for running a successful dog grooming business, as it not only gives you required skills of becoming a dog groomer but will also help in promoting your business. Certified dog groomers are always in demand and there several type of dog grooming courses you can get yourself enrolled with and get certifications like city & guilds level 2 and level 3 in days time.

You can view some of the best dog grooming courses here

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