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Itchy whippet!

Katie Alice

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I would be very grateful for any advice. One of our whippets, aged 14 months has a problem with scratching her neck ears and nose. So far we have used special shampoo from the vets she has had a skin scrape, presently we are giving her itchy dog Yumega also from the vets. We have tried sulphur drops in the drinking water, rubbing her with Aloe Vera gel, bathing her with a solution of Epsom Salts and have changed her food to Simpsons sensitive salmon and potatoes. All to no avail. We are at a loss as to know what to do next. She is not stressed and otherwise is a happy friendly puppy. Can anti histamines be given to dogs? If so, what would you give for just under 15 kilos? Her sister is from the same litter and has no problems. Many thanks.
Anti histamines can be given to dogs. Speak to your vet about which ones and the dosage.

Do an internet search on "Salt Therapy". I don't know much about it but have heard that treatments can help skin conditions?

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