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Jack Russel with worms?

I do not think so; round worms look like spaghetty, or younger ones 3 minutes noodles. There are some other types but i do not think any will look like a mucus.

I only trust Dontal, I used other products but none seem to work properly

jammiebasket said:
ok I have just done some much need reaserch on the web and found that my dog has a very likly possibility that he has 'whipworm', I have never heard of this but the sypmtoms are that of jax.
here is the link

long I know but went through alot to find it! :b

As far as I know Fenbendazole is not effective against tapeworm, so if you use it to get rid of whipworm you still need to use every now and then other product. There was also a thread about very small pups dying after being treated with Fenbendazole.

I can only advise you not to use over-the-counter wormer for your pup - these products aren't generally very effective at all, and particularly with his history of gastrointestinal problems I'd make sure you use a decent product. Panacur, Milbemax Puppy or Drontal would all be ok - but make sure you dose correctly according to his weight. If he's due vaccinations soon then your vet will be happy to worm him for you. :luck:
over the years ive bought over the counter wormer,flea sprays etc etc.tbh none of them are any good.the ingredients arent powerful after trial and error i only ever used medicines from my vet.if i might pinch a catchphrase from a well known paint ad,they do what they say on the bottle! :D
Hi Jammie,

your better of useing a Drontal +, the over the counter stuff is to weak to be of any use.
You can also order the best wormers online at web sites like the one below

Talking of wormers - will Panacur treat tapeworm and roundworm in adult dogs and cats? :unsure:
Sprout said:
Talking of wormers - will Panacur treat tapeworm and roundworm in adult dogs and cats?  :unsure:
Not adequately, IMO. It's fine for roundworm, but tapeworm is more likely to be a problem in adults, and personally I use Drontal or Milbemax as routine.

Panacur's fine for pregnant bitches.
Ta :)

Any ideas of the most cost effective place to buy online?

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