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Hi,I';m picking up my second whippet next week and would like to show her lightly. My granddaughter is 4 and would love to be a part of it. what age can she start. we will only be going to fun shows to start with, more to socialise Martha (the puppy). Does anyone have any tips for us.
Hi there

Your granddaughter should be fine at 4 as long as she is confident around dogs,the same age as my daughter at her first show,my daughter won best handler at her first show with our eldest whippet who was then 7 months,it was really just basic commands,sit and lay and walking to heel,the main thing is just to have fun,all the other kids in the class took it far too seriously,dog brush in one pocket,clicker in the other and getting really stressed out with their dogs,the judge told my daughter she awarded her first place as she was the one who had patience and our dog wanted to take part and enjoyed himself rather then being forced and shouted at,she also took part in the general hound class,best 6 legs and fancy dress,as you said it's great socialising for the puppy,good luck to both of you
hi, thanks for replying it has given me a lot of encouragement. Harriet really enjoys being with the dogs and Martha is trotting along next to her happily. I agree with you that it should be fun. We are going to a local fun dog show in a few weeks and Harriet is excited, fully expect that things will go wrong but it will be fun day out. Martha has settled in well and is a confident little thing so think she will take it all in her stride, Herbie, my other whippet is quite nervous so would hate to go in the ring. I will let you know how we get on.

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