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Just starting out

Discussion in 'Dog Walking' started by YasLovesWalking, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. YasLovesWalking

    YasLovesWalking New Member Registered

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    Hey everyone, just starting out or going to be as a dog walker, lost my job in the crisis and just looking for some advice please - anything to think about ?

    Ps I’ve been over the basics on and have a good understanding of what’s req but I really just want some real and proper advice from the people that already have established businesses. Struggles, things you didn’t think of, things you missed

    thanks in advance by the way, I really want to make this work
  2. JudyN

    JudyN Moderator Moderator Registered

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    Hi Yas :) I'm sorry you haven't had any replies, but I'm not sure any of the regulars are dog walkers. A friend of mine who was out of work recently set up a dog walking business and had a lot of help from the benefits office - as you are now unemployed it might be worth approaching them, at least for some of the business aspects?
  3. Flobo

    Flobo Well-Known Member Registered Partner

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    Hi @YasLovesWalking, sorry I didn't see this thread... I do one to one dog walking if you want to pick my brains? Just heading back out but will post later, might be able to help;)

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