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K9 Swim Hydrotherapy - Manchester

Official K9 Swim Hydrotherapy - Manchester 2018-03-27

K9 Swim

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K9 Swim Hydrotherapy - Manchester
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K9 Swim submitted a new resource:

K9 Swim Hydrotherapy - Manchester - the best hydrotherapy centre for dogs in the North West

Hydrotherapy is very beneficial to dogs of all fitness levels. Not only is it fun, the excercise is vital for keeping your dog happy and healthy. In five minutes swimming in our pool, your dogs will expend the same amount of energy as they would on a five mile walk. We also offer rehabilitation to dogs with injuries, such as: hip/elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament damage, arthritis and more

First Swim (Pool Induction)

Your first visit is to familiarise your dog with...

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