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Kennel Cough


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Hi folks!
Maisy is over a week into her kennel cough treatment, but before she showed symptoms she was socialising with my mums dogs and they have now been diagnosed yesterday

We have a wedding this weekend and it usually is my mum looks after her. The question is, is it OK for her to be with the other two as they all have kennel cough or is it best to still keep them apart?

Thanks in advance!
It's ultimately for your Mum to decide. KC is very infectious, and while no problem to a healthy dog (like us having a cold) can present difficulties with the very young, very old, or those with a depressed immune system e.g. on steroids. Usually dogs that have recently got over a particular strain of KC won't catch that particular strain again within a few months, but the immunity doesn't last. Your Mum knows the health of her own dogs. If she is cautious about it, you could get a dog-sitter for the day.

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