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King charles cavalier springer spaniel cross


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Is my dog a recognised breed she is half springer spaniel half cavalier King

Charles. And if not why not???
No. Recognised breeds are recognised by the Kennel Club, which has strict standards that these breeds conform to. You have a cross breed. There is nothing wrong with that (my dog is a Jack Russell crossed with a toilet brush). But you couldn't show your dog or offer her for breeding as a 'recognised breed'.
I deliberately chose to get a mongrel this time. I have had pedigrees before and each one has come with some sort of genetic health problem. If they recognise your cross breed and start to standardise it then they breed in bad traits as well as good ones.

I was watching Scruffts last night and thought how lovely it was the way all the owners adored their dogs.
Scruffts was excellent last night. I have a cocker spaniel cross and have just taken on what was said to be a full cocker spaniel but I've a feeling she's been crossed with a springer. Her ears are too long for a working cocker, she's definitely not a show cocker and her muzzle seems longer and more pointed than a full cockers would be. I'm not bothered - she's a Spaniel and I'm spaniel mad - you have to be mad to own them! I might have a DNA test done purely out of curiousity. I'm sure there's probably a thread on this site about DNA tests, but to save the search, has anyone had one done before - any recommendations on companies?
I contacted one called Black Dog, I think it was, but they do not test Romanian dogs :(
I contacted one called Black Dog, I think it was, but they do not test Romanian dogs :(
The ones I've looked up don't do Romania dogs. There's some very mixed views on the companies I've looked ar. What I've learnt so far is it costs around £60 and don't use a firm that asks for a photo of your dog

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