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Labrador advice Needed


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Hello all,

After much research, questions answers meeting breeders/owners etc myself and my partner have decided on the breed being a Labrador! The only thing I am not sure on is the working? Showing? Type! I understand the showing is usually thicker set etc with the working being more energetic? But as mentioned I'm not a 100% sure obviously!

I am guessing breeders sometimes mix the parents one being from a working line and one from a show type would this be ,right to assume??

I look forward to anyone's advice?
You might be right in what your saying but in a worker it can a will make a good pet without a doult. In workers you say more energetic? Ok i say fitter and stronger and thats how a dog should be, the fitter you are the harder you are.
I`ve had both show stock and working stock Labs , my current boy Sam is pure field trials working stock and has been the easiest Lab I have ever owned . There is a common misconception that a working dog wont be happy unless he is worked , this is not true but they are happiest when employed in gundog training ! I wont ever use Sam for a shoot but I still took him for one to one gundog training when he was about 9 months old and even when I finished the course of lessons , I kept up the retrieving work which he loves , it keeps them stimulated and happy and keeps me fit !

It all depends on your lifestyle really , if you are happy to do as I did , then a working stock dog is ideal , they are very easy to train, very biddable indeed but if you want a quieter life without the gundog training, a show stock dog would be better for you or even one bred from both stocks .

Labs can carry some health problems so make sure that you ask any breeder for proof of hip and elbow scores plus eye tests and if they cant provide them , walk away . Lovely choice of breed , had them all my life !
I had a working bred lab and he was very hard work - he needed more walking than I could give him... miles and miles a day.....

He also wanted to be outside all of the time and would just pant and whine to sit outside all of the time.

It was very hard, especially with a very young family.

I have had 2 pet/show golden retrievers and they love their exercise but don't need it all of teh time and are much more pet like than my working lab.... :)
I think I must be very fortunate with my working bred Lab Sam , bless him , easiest Lab I have owned and yes I agree, they need lots of exercise , Sam has about two hours hard off lead walking/training every day, rain or shine, but the rest of the time he is a proper softie who loves the sofa !
Yeah, I couldn't walk him that much - my retrievers are happy with 2/3 miles a day......

We need a piccie of your lab!
Easter 2013 004.JPGHere he is, in pointing mode !
Your lab looks lovely! Once again thanks for advice! Is there any recommended breeders/official lab sites like there is for many other dog breeds?
if you go to the web site of the UK Kennel Club , click on the breed and you will get a list of KC accredited breeders . Would also suggest you ask at your local Vets , they might know of a breeder or just a resonsible owner whos bitch is having a litter ? Good luck and if you need any advice, just shout !
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