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Labrador retriever owners


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Hey Guys,

I've just launched a "coming soon" page for a future side project I'm going to start on, but before I start on it I want to see if the interest is there, hence the reason for this forum post.

If you are a lab owner (well you don't have to be) and would be interested in a Labrador Retriever social community, then please show your interest in will be social hub for Labrador Retriever owners. It will be a place to chat, post pictures, get advice, follow other members etc. I'm thinking of it as a mini facebook for Lab owners really :) . This won't be a commercial service in any way, it will just be a personal project of mine and be completely free to use.

So if you would be so kind and to head over to http://www.labweadore.comand register your interest it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys

What a fantastic idea! It's a shame more breeds don't have specific sites but well done for taking the bull by it's horns :)
I will pass this onto some lab owner friends...I am sure they would love it!

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