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Lady will any food but her own

Crazy Dog Man

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On Thursday the 25th, she tried to take a huge bite from my stepfather's pizza.

And Friday night she ate a portion of chips and some fish.

I lived in London for a few years and when my mother was visiting, she got a phonecall saying Lady had ate 2 sachets of her wet food along with a kebab and a fish finger.

Once when I was over my mother's house for Sunday dinner, we had lamb with our veg and she was sulking and started eating all my lamb from off my plate.

Lol, she is a very greedy doggie.

Is your dog the same?
Jasper would eat anything he can manage to steal, so we have to be very careful with food! He knows that we aren't going to give him a chance to nick it, but he did once nearly get a slice of my mum's pizza right out of her hand as she had the slice in one hand while looking in the other direction and not paying attention to it!
Jimmy is great with food, we can leave plates of food within reach and although he will approach them, he hasn't yet taken any! He did recently nick a chip that I dropped without knowing!
Folly sounds the same as Jasper, put simply as long as my eyes are on it its safe, but if I look away she will try and grab it. And sight hounds are quick and quiet.
Harri lives to eat - he's a real foodie. He has yet to meet a food that he doesn't like! We keep everything out of reach.
When I had cats growing up as a young child, they did the same with all the begging.

My parents are trying very hard not to let Lady eat anything she shouldn't. If they do, they make sure it doesn't have anything poisonous (i.e. chocolate, onions, garlic etc).

Animals can be very cheeky at times lol

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