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New Home Needed Lena ~ foster / forever home needed

Pammy Gsd

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Lena is approx 3/4 year old

We are looking for either a foster/permanent home for our beautiful Lena - who so desperately would like her own human/s to love and be loved. Lena is an intelligent girl and would be very easy to train as she not only likes her treats but also loves to please.
Loves ball games.
She already responds to some commands and would love to learn some more .
Lena doesn't come from a background where she is used to lots of exercise, so as long as she has one/two reasonable, stimulating walks a day she would be happy. We think Lena would quite like agility training however not essential as Lena`s whole life really revolves around making her human/s happy. Lena would be absolutely fine being left for up to 5 hours, she has not been destructive/stressed when left .
Travels well

Lena would prefer to either be an only dog or possibly with an initial introduction an independent, calm male. She could live with older dog savvy children.

Please consider Lena for your new pet and either text or phone to Gina 07503 774173 to arrange to meet her. (Vigil German Shepherd Rescue )
Spayed & vaccinated
Homecheck & donation apply
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