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Limping whippet


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Hi all - I'm a new member. I was wondering if I could ask for your advice. My 9-year old whippet recently went after a rabbit, ran into one of those temporary aluminium (thus flexible) fence things which was cordoning off something or other, and as a result has been limping with his left rear leg. X rays have proven nothing is wrong in that area, and so it is thought that it must be muscular and so rest has been prescribed.

He is feeling very very sorry for himself, missing his usual walkies, and is glaring at me most of the time from his basket.

Does anyone else have any experience of how to manage the 'rest' part of this? Although 9, he is used to 3 walkies a day and is currently bottling up huge volcanic amounts of energy.

He is also clearly bored. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can offer him some kind of entertainment or activity?

I don't want him to be unhappy but of course he has to get the rest, but this is proving quite a challenge. Best wishes and many thanks indeed, Ellen.
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Brain games are tiring for dogs whose exercise has to be restricted (actually they are tiring for dogs who don't need to have restricted exercise too). Have a look at Kikopup on YouTube for ideas and tips. Also have a look at Golden Paste which is a brilliant anti-inflammatory.
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Stuffed Kongs are good boredom busters. Any kind of chewing is good for stress reduction. As above with kikopup. You can teach any kind of non mobile trick such as lying flat, lying prone, sit, stay, touch a contact with nose etc.

Have you thought about asking for a referral to an ACPAT physiotherapist? We have a brilliant place near us where they offer acupuncture, which is administered by a vet, hydrotherapy, chiropractic and physiotherapy. My old lurcher and not so old Whippet were regular visitors for various treatments.

The Whippet had a similar injury to your dog and it turned out she had put her pelvis out very slightly. The acupuncture vet spotted it as she is so experienced in seeing injured dog and horses.

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