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Fools Gold has given birth to a litter of four healthy puppies sired by Sheila's very successful multiple champion RCh Flash in the Pan.

One black dog 10 oz.

One black bitch 8 oz.

One red fawn bitch 10 oz.

One fawn and white parti colour bitch 12 oz.

Mother and pups are doing well :thumbsup:
Congratulations. Nice weights. 3 bitches and a dog. Just hoping we get at least one bitch out of Zula.
Just noticed this post congratulations glad all went so well......
:thumbsup: Well done Fools Gold soooo glad all went well Andrew and Allison good :luck: 2 all you lucky new owners also Well done Flash In The Pan

LOVE THE BLUE GANG xxxxxx :sweating: :sweating:
Thanks for all your kind messages. The pups are doing very well and are piling weight on, Faith is doing a really good job! My Mum and Dad are having the black dog pup and we are keeping the parti-coloured bitch, Paloma !
congratulations Andy, colin hase'nt stopped asking me has there been any news well done to fools Gold on her new babies
its no good telling us what colour pup you are having without a photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are the pups at a week old

Here are the pups at a week old

Here are the pups at a week old



Lovely pups Andrew, good luck to all the new owners with them :luck: :luck: :luck:
The pups have doubled their birth weight in a week!
Lovely looking puppies - Congratulations!
The fawn bitch will be heading for Scotland, just the black bitch left

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