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Litter suckling


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My litter is 16 days old and for the past 2 days they've been struck by a certain 1 or 2 puppies suckling on them creating little bruises or 'love bites' I guess. Mum goes in to feed them approx every 2 hours for 20-25 minutes unless she falls asleep whilst feeding, they're gaining weight. It tends to be after the feed it happens but once disturbed, they'll go to sleep. Do I separate these specific pups? Although they're not showing hunger, do I try get mum to feed for longer?


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Do not separate any of the pups unless there is some health issues that could cause them harm or others harm. Suckling itself does not cause any lasting damage and those markings are not permanent. Is there some particular issues that you could not let mum to stay with pups and let her do her thing and allow pups to feed freely for their needs?
When our girl had her pups, she had issues with space when ever all of the pups got hungry at the same time. We resolved those feeding by either additional bottle feeding for one of two to give others space on the teats OR I intervened with feeding by swapping pups around allowing others their turn and equal opportunities to fill their tummies.
Main thing is that all the pups get their needs for the food full filled.
Mum goes to them herself when she cleans - if any latch on she'll sit for 5 mins for a quick feed. Or she'll lay with them when she wants to feed. They barely cry so I'd say they're content.

She won't stay with them constantly and has been spending a lot of time with us too. If she sees one of us leave the room, she will leave the room too despite another person being there. We try to encourage her to lay with them more by sitting right beside her whelping area, but as soon as she hears a noise she's up again.

If all pups try to latch at the same time, she licks a couple off the pile and rests her head on them. If a pup falls asleep whilst feeding, we'll swap that pup out for one under her head. It is the chunky ones which are suckling on the others (there was over 100g difference between the biggest and smallest pup on 31st Aug).

If we have to go back to bottle on a few then we will. I just don't want the markings to become sore and eventually open.

Thank you
The suckling marks shouldn't become a problem. It's perfectly normal. Once they go on solids (mine would start themselves at about two and a half weeks) the tendency goes away.
This is the third day of weaning, they've moved onto genetalia now lol.

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