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Liver To Pregnant Bitch?


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I am slowly changing my dogs over to more of a raw meat diet, they already get tripe, raw bones and a doggy bag from the butcher which contains all sorts, i took one of my gsd's for mating yesterday and was telling my midwife friend and she said can you feed liver to a preggy bitch as women are not allowed to eat it when pregnant, i have no idea so does anyone know?

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
We feed raw meat with pasta & grated veg we dont change anything for preggy bitches raw liver on its own i think would upset the bitches stomach but you could bake it with eggs & flour & feed it as liver cake :thumbsup:
I thought the problem with eating liver in pregnancy was the extremely high vitamin A content (which can be toxic to foetuses). I don't know whether dogs have a higher tolerance to this than humans though :unsure:
Once I gave my (not pregnant) bitch bit too much liver and she had most dreadful black diarrhea all night. I was up with her every 20 minutes. So what ever you do give liver in moderation. My girls prefer ox tongue and heart anyway.


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