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Look at these Speedsters

I do love whippets! But I would prefer a safer end to the races depicted. When I've been racing, the lure goes between some bales or behind a screen, and the "catchers" are already there.
Hemlock, I have only seen that sort of race ending with Terrier racing. Over quite a few years being involved with Whippet racing the end when they go on to the lure is the norm, but note they wear muzzles and the dogs are only interested in the lure not attacking each other. My guess is their would be injuries if Whippets had a finish with the lure going between bales, I think most times they would run into the bales head first at full speed. I would add that injuries at Whippet racing are very few and far apart.
I understand what you are saying, but very respectfully disagree. I am not referring to them attacking each other, which I agree is very rare, but the somersaults and risk of being caught up in the lure string. It's a purely personal view, but based on having had a lot to do with sighthounds over the years. Yes they take falls when they work as well - nothing like whippies for those heart-in-the-mouth moments - so it's simply an avoidable-risk response from me.

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