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Looking to Adpot Looking for a whippet.


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Hi all we are looking for a Whippet to join our family after the loss of our little girl this year.

Would prefer a younger dog we do have a little toy poodle who's missing a friend

We are in Worcester.
The only thing I can suggest is contacting the Whippet rescues, I am glad to say that considering the numbers bred each year the numbers turning up requiring a re home is small. Good luck with your search.
I was looking for a companion whippet for my boy last year and I wanted to rehome rather than get a pup. I contacted the breeders and the whippet club secretary for my area and explained the situation and was put in touch with a few possibilities. There were 2 breeders who had dogs they wanted to rehome (one was returned as a pup from whoever had bought the dog and another wasn't "show standard" so they wanted a pet home for him. In the end I actually found my little Dolly on a whippet facebook group where I had also posted my request. You may already have another dog but if not I hope this is helpful

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