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Looking for UK brands for weight loss as an alternative to Hill’s


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Can anyone recommend any dog food brands which help with weight loss, please?

When searching online the only brand I can find is Hill’s, and I’d rather not go with them.
Could you simply reduce the amount you feed? If your dog looks at you as if to ask 'Where's the rest?', you could bulk it out with veggies, or give him/her a recreational chew.
Hi Judy, thanks.

We tried reducing the amount we feed her to her target weight, but after a month she hasn’t lost weight.

Good call on the chews. We do normally give her pizzles to chew, but haven’t ordered new ones in a while. Will try that as well.

On a side note, we’ve also been having a problem with her eating the (3x) cats’ food, which is what we suspect has caused her weight gain since we don’t always catch her in the act and have tried many tricks to try and stop her!

We’re thinking, perhaps, that the root of the problem is actually the current food we’re giving her (Burns wet food) which might not be giving her enough of the nutrition she needs, which might explain why she goes for the cat food.

Historically, we’ve had issues with her eating since she was a puppy, which we put down to her being sensitive to lamb—but we didn’t figure it out for a long time! At the time we were giving her Nature’s Menu Chicken and Lamb—which was the only flavour they had for puppies.

We’re thinking of switching her (back) to a raw diet (without lamb) and are looking at Bella & Duke at the moment for convenience.
Unless she's a picky eater, I suspect that the cat food would always be a draw whatever else you feed her. Assuming you leave food down for the cats, is there any way you can get them to adapt to eating meals in one go, which then get lifted after, say, 20 mins? I used a dog gate with a cat pop-hole in it - it worked for us, but I'm guessing a toy cavapoo is pretty much cat sized anyway!

Bella & Duke looks like an excellent food, but you may struggle with her weight loss as long as the cat food is available.
We still haven’t quite figured out if she’s a picky eater…

More often than not she won’t eat all of the food we put down for her in one go. We feed her twice a day. Once after her morning walk. The other in the evening after we have our dinner. This is my first dog, and I just assumed all dogs wolfed down their food like a hoover!

We’ve always left the food down for the cats as they graze throughout the day and night. The cats will eat their wet food in one go, but then graze on the dry food for the rest of the day. As we have 2 cats which are getting on now. I’m more loathe to lift it to a higher place for them to jump on.

We’ve still got the old movable gate which we used when she was a puppy (although, she still managed to climb over it back then!), but there’s no flap for the cats to squeeze through. They’d have to either jump over or slink around it…

We now know the changes to her poo when she’s eaten cat food. So we can tell retrospectively when she’s gotten to it! We’ve had webcams to see what happens when we go upstairs: one second she’s sleeping soundly, then next she’s chomping away at the cat food. It’s like she’s waiting for the moment we leave the room!

You’re right, we do need to prevent her from gaining access to the cat food as one of the steps to take. Thanks!
Yep, some dogs are picky. Mine, if he had free access to food, would eat until he exploded!
You could try Barking heads “Fat dog slim” worked when we had our GSD and his coat was much better .
I had terrible trouble getting my dogs food right, he is 14 with joint problems so can't let him get over wieght, cut his food no wieght loss but always hungry, so put him on part royal cane 10+ and hills metobolic (burns off the fat) both wet food but dose come in dry started losing wieght so increased his food by 100 grams in small increases now his wieght is steady and not as hungry, not all dogs will lose wieght just by cutting food.

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