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Hi there, we lost our beloved rottie x GSD at the end of Jan and had initially decided to wait longer before getting another but we hate not having a dog so here I am. I would be quite happy with a rescue but due to our/my requirements Im not sure it would work. Duke had a lot of issues thanks to being shut in a crate for 20 hours a day as a puppy. By the time we got him at 8 months old, the damage was done and much as I loved him, this time I would like a dog with fewer issues. Our new dog must be child, cat and dog friendly (we have a cat and a 10 year old (dog savvy) daughter and there are dogs everywhere in our village), housetrained and good to walk OR young enough to be trained properly. The problem with Duke was the lack of puppy education and socialisation. He didnt trust other dogs and pulled me over numerous times on walks. He was a rather large boy! Friendly thoughts on the problem would be welcomed.
Just occasionally, almost-perfect dogs turn up in rescues, so don't rule this out. Though I'd want one that had been fostered in a normal home rather than kennelled as some only reveal their true colours once in a home environment.

And just occasionally, intentionally bred dogs can have issues even if socialised and rasied well as a pup so if you go through a breeder, check that they have selected for temperament and not just for good show-ring conformation.
Many rescues are willing to cat-test dogs if it's practical- and will rehome to families with children of 10 plus. Don't be offended if I say it's less easy to child test! Children are so variable. I've been asked for a 'child-proof' dog in the past. There's no such animal. The only way to ensure the safety of a child with a dog is through supervision by an adult. Children of course can and do learn to respect and be to sensible around dogs- but only an adult can make sure this learning doesn't break down. And it only has to break down once. Same with a new puppy. Ours was such a little savage I'm sure he wouldn't been returned to the breeder if he'd gone to a family home!:eek:
I have no concerns about my daughter as she has grown up with our boy and he was a fabulous teacher for her. He was so protective over her. We do miss him! We have lots of dogs in the family too. The cat knows exactly how to educate an over inquisitive pup and wont hesitate to tell them NO.

We are lucky in that I am home most of the time and when I do go out, the dog will come with me where possible so training would be consistent and there would be little in the way of home alone time. Its just finding the right dog.

incidentally, duke came to us via this (or another very similar) forum in early 2008.
Please dont rule out adoption .. We have just adopted George 18 mths to help calm our nearly 3 year old Murphy.
George is so laid back and calm its amazing. Yes there are lots of dogs with issues but there are also lots of dogs who are in rescue through no fault of their own.
Just today I saw 2 dogs up for adoption because the owners have decided they want a baby .....
Also have you thought of Dogs Trust? They are country-wide and very responsible.
Oh thats so sad. We had duke when our youngest came along and he was amazing with her from day 1, despite his size and apparent lack of grace, he was the gentlest ever with her.
Just occasionally, almost-perfect dogs turn up in rescues, so don't rule this out

They do indeed. One of my friends fostered sight unseen a rescue from Eastern Europe. The dog came straight to her from the journey across Europe. She was very stressed and scared (understandably) for the first day or two and wouldn't come out of her crate but she got her confidence back quite quickly and she's lovely. No vices at all.

She's clearly been well loved and well treated but there is no history at all for her so how she ended up in a shelter remains a mystery.

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