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Loose-lead training with part-time dog

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Ah, fair enough, you have to choose ways that suit you/him as individuals. He does sound a delightful chap, and I feel sure you'll nail it one way or another!
I'm eyeing up the Perfect Fi
I like the Perf CT Fit, but they are quite expensive. Do you have a PDSA charity shop near you? They will sometimes have harnesses handed in. If you can pick up a cheap front ring harness of a different brand just to see how he gets on with it, you could always get the Perfect Fit later if the front ring works well.
Actually according to the Perfect Fit website you shouldn't use the front attachment ring on its own as it unbalances the dog. I've also realised that there's a small fabric loop on the front of his regular harness which is designed to be used as an attachment point - though possibly designed with a long line in mind rather than a lead. We might need to go for another walk to test it out...
OK, the harness idea could be dead in the water... He wouldn't come near me when I tried to put it on him :confused: Checking back through my messages, his owner said, 'He came with a harness' so I guess she's never used it, and it must have bad memories for him:(
Have you seen the training technique where you train loose lead walking without a lead?

A dog on a lead can't pull. So you train the position you want, without one. I'd use a clicker, and train to walk by my knee, indoors at first, then in the garden. Then lead on on the house, then in the garden (obviously too risky to train outside with no lead).
I'm planning on finding some good guides for that before next week, Joanne - one way or another, I don't really want to be reliant on the GL long term.
It's my fourth day with K today, and we're settling in nicely and getting used to each other. He even had the zoomies in the garden this morning! I ditched the Gentle Leader as though he walked really well on it, I'm suspicious of a 'tool' that can make such a dramatic difference. He didn't even try to pull and discover it didn't work - I wonder if he just felt a bit cowed. But, despite me using a bit of a mash-up of approaches, his lead walking is getting so much better :) Of course, he might just be mugging for treats when he walks by my side, but that's fine by me.

I realised it was a mistake to use my 5' lead - by the time he pulled, he was pretty much disconnected from me. I walk him on his shorter lead now and I'm sure it helps.

He's really not keen on the park though - we walked halfway there this morning, but he decided to turn for home. He pulled more on the way home, but I'm treating that as 'more opportunities to practise' ;) Last week we went to the park in the morning and the woods in the afternoon, and he was so much happier in the woods - he often goes there with his owners. I'll take him there this afternoon.

I remember once Jasper prancing and lunging like a stallion on oats and eventually, in my exasperation, I snapped WALK NICELY! To my amazement, he fell in by my side and walked absolutely beautifully. It never worked again, but 'Nicely' became my standard cue, so I'm using that with K.
Kudos to you for listening when he told you he didn't like the park.

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