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lots of questions re chicken wings for teeth health


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Have bought a load of chicken wings to freeze and hopefully feed once a day, have bought them to hopefully help cleaning of my dogs teeth and have loads of questions
Biddy is a rescue that I have had coming up to 2 years, she has a lot of issues one of which is her teeth. She had 12 teeth extracted and cleaning of rest 18 months ago. On a recent visit the vet said that there was a big build of plaque again, have tried plaque off which has not worked, bones from Honeys and butchers which she ignored, then tried the sinews and ears etc suggested on here but she is not interested, carries one around but does not chew on it
Have tried all suggested toothpastes, coaxing her to lick off my finger first but all a waste of time
I do not want to put her through anaesthetic again for a teeth clean so am trying chicken wings
I am going to give her 1st one tomorrow and am very nervous having heard both positive and negative comments about feeding chicken bones

Given her small size 3.5kg one chicken wing looks quite big, how much should I reduce her food by?
Do I let her chew on it till she finishes it?
Is there any risk at all that she could choke on a raw chicken bone?
Will she find it difficult tackling raw chicken wing after having 12 teeth removed?

I know that many dog owners feed raw chicken bones but I am trying to dispel from my mind a lifelong belief that you never fed dogs chicken bones (raw or cooked)
You could hold the chicken wing while she gnaws it, that would take away the worry of her choking.

For her small size, I'd say that might replace a meal - maybe even be enough food for the day?

Good luck!
Thanks JoanneF will give that a go as she will eat out of my hand which was a definite no go at first. Fingers crossed this works
Stop feeding all kibbles and just feed a raw diet. There are a lot of products in the kibbles some of which encourage tartar to stick to the teeth.
A raw diet in itself will be healthier and your suggestion of a raw wing each day , even better. I would suggest that 1 large wing would be very close to 1/2 a days food rations for a small dog.
Thanks excuse me, she is already on raw food and the only treats she has are dehydrated liver. Have fed her raw this morning and will give her the chicken wing in place of her evening meal later on. Am hoping this will help clean her teeth

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