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Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by Nanny71, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Nanny71

    Nanny71 Well-Known Member Registered

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    Apparently there is an increase in lungworm in dogs.
    Dudley has Milbemax every three months for worming including prevention of lungworm.
    Apparently it is now recommended that dogs receive Milbemax monthly for prevention of lungworm.
    I discussed this with my vet today and she agreed that dogs should receive Milbemax monthly. Apparently my plan only covers it three monthly. Paying the extra is no problem as it is not particularly expensive.
    My concern is if dogs can be wormed too often. Is it safe. Would it be worth getting worm load checked? Am I over worried about lungworm?
    There is an interactive map which actually shows where the infections are occurring.
    Why is there such an increase in lungworm? Apparently it is difficult to diagnose in the early stages.
    Dudley has been unwell for three days, off his food and vomiting, thought it might be due to heat. After vet visit she assured me it was just an upset stomach. Unfortunately these symptoms can also be early signs of lungworm infection. Although due to the heat there are not many slugs or snails about.
    He is now back to eating normally but has lost 600 gm. Weighing just under 9Kg this is quite a loss for him.
    Didn't worry this much about my children
  2. Caro Perry

    Caro Perry Well-Known Member Registered

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    I've switched to getting Harri checked for worm load rather than doing a monthly worming. He no longer eats slugs and snails and I don't leave his toys out in the garden overnight (although I haven't seen a slug/snail for months it's been so dry)

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