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Lurcher Terrier And Whippet Show


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Ireland's top Terrier, Lurcher and Whippet show

Saturday 10th April

The venue is the same as last year, outside Banbridge/ Lawerencetown, on the Scarva Road.

Simulated coursing will begin at 11:30, all dogs racing must be muzzled.

Showing will begin at 1:30.

There will be classes for terrier, lurchers, whippets and strong dogs but no banned breeds.

Straight racing will follow after this will include lurcher, whippet and terrier racing.

This show is a qualifier for many of the top UK shows including, Earth dog Running dog, Countryman's Weekly and the Scottish Champion of Champions at Glamis Castle other to be confirmed and will be updated

There will be oversea judges in attendance. There will be rosettes and trophies for all class winners. Prepetual trophies will be given to the champions.

There will be trade stands on the day including Jackson Field sports, which specialise in leather collars, leads etc

Food and drink will be available

Hope to see you all there

For details contact Dessie on 07872564751 or Terry 07742798588, or PM me

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