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Lure coursing and FMD


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I got a message from Gary Peskett today to say that the lure coursing at Padworth has been cancelled due to Foot & Mouth problems.
Hi Barbara

                 as you have been kind enough to reply to my postings I felt it only right to do the same.

i've never taken part in lure coursing, ive witnessed it at game fairs and country shows and i've read up on the scoreing system the only thing that put me off trying it was the rollers on the turns,

do there seem to be many accidents in lure coursing.    
I have been taking my dogs lure coursing for 3 years now and am only aware of 2 serious accidents to whippets in that time, admittedly very upsetting at the time, but they were doing what they enjoyed, and probably no more at risk than if they were free running and hunting.  My own whippets have had any injuries that they have sustained while hunting in farmland.  The owners of the dogs concerned are both still running their other dogs.
I can vouch for that Liz.  My bitch, Paws was one of the two accidents, I think you are referring to.  She suffered a broken leg, which was a pressure break rather than an impact break - it could just as easily happened chasing her friends at home!  The pulleys come out of the ground very easily.  I can't think of any injuries caused by them - not even when a frustrated whippet who had lost the lure decided to attack the pulley instead!  

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