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Lure Coursing Meet.......edinburgh Area

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Right. My lure machine is due back in the week and following the success of the summers fun we had im looking to organise a weekly or monthly meet up.

I know the weathers not ideal at the minute but my dogs would be out working if i hadnt just had an operation on my knee. Im just putting the feelers out to see if anybody would be interested.

It will be a lire course with 3/4 turns in. Fun stuff like hiding the lure and whatever. Muzzled or not, would be the preference of the owners depending on who they were running against. Or run by yourself.

It would be free of charge on my part, my lure, my battery etc.

I have a few working dogmen that are up for it too.

The only problem i am finding is land. I have land to run small scale but not accomodate more than 3/4 people as i habe moved house. Local football fields are fine for myself but to organise an event would need a better bit of land.

SO.... if anybody in the edinburgh/lothians has any land or knows anybody with some land willing to help out please let me know. It doesnt matter if its uphill or hilly, just aslong as its flat-ish ground (running dog ground) not looking for bowling greens or anything. Just safe ground.

This is obviously a summer sport but why not give it a go over the winter? If it goes well then there can be a permanent meet in the summer and as there is no lure coursing club in scotland- who knows, with land and people interested we could all get together and set up a club? Its a long way off but its a start.

This is all about fun for everybody. No serious competition involved. Any dogs welcome and any body welcom.

I will do my best on my part. All i can do is give my equipment and time.

We need others to join in with land/ground.

Its simple. Land + lure machine= lure coursing meet.

We have the machine and turns free of charge.

We just need some land.

Let get together and give it a go.
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Excellent....its a start :thumbsup:

Just hope my lottery numbers come up tonight so that I can provide the land ;)
Let us know if you get it started we are interested aswell.
Let me know as well I want to watch and see if my two are keen to try it they are mad keen
Good stuff mate hope you can get the land mate and the numbers i might even have a drive up
Right guys. Club has had its first commitee meeting. See post in this section...LOTHIAN WORKING DOG AND FIELDSPORTS CLUB.

Hope to see yous there.

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