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Lure coursing whippets


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Can someone help is there any lure coursing for whippets in scotland would love to give ut a go

The only lure coursing I am aware of is BSFA and unfortunately it is in Kingsclere Newbury
We do lure coursing over the summer. Not a professional outfit... not professional kit....

But the lure moves.... and the dogs run.

Hi. I'm having real trouble finding a lure courses site in the southwest / Bristol area... Any suggestion or a point in the right direction would be much appreciated?
Check out The Sporting Whippet Club UK on Facebook. Runs lure coursing events in the South West. The B.S.F.A.( runs 8 meetings a year in Newbury.
Where about in Edinburgh is this? I have two whippets. I would never take them into the racing industry as a personal preference but a bit of "unofficial" Lure Coursing for fun would be ideal for them. I think they would love it!! xx
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Cash-Dolly, I am wondering about your comment about not wanting to take them into what you describe as the racing industry, Whippet racing in the UK is very much an amateur sport, definitely not an industry. The dogs live with their owners turn up at their clubs and enjoy a few high speed runs before going home for a sleep on their sofa. The dogs are first and foremost much loved family pets.
As I said, personal preference! It's not for me. I am very lucky to have my two in the country where they have the run of the fields and the woods daily. x
Of course preference is fine, it was just your use of industry that worried me. It sounded to me at least as though you considered Whippet racing the same as Greyhound racing. For me I would have nothing to do with Greyhound racing it causes to many problems for the dogs, (or at least a lot of them), but Whippet racing is just a fun day outing for dogs and people with no money involved.

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