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Lure Coursing

Liz Third

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Has anyone the results of yesterday's lure coursing?  We had to miss it due to running our show on Saturday.
Beejay makes perfect sense to me?  That dog won it and it was owned by that bloke am I right? ;)
Thanks, Barbara, I get the general idea fine!  We can wait for the finer details when we get the next newsletter from Gary.  Good for the Basenji, some of them were running really well at Cholmondley too.  they are fun to watch as well.

Barbara, I read your message and just incase you need my surname in the future, it's Comber. I had a really good day as a first timer to lure coursing and was really pleased wih Nicky (Fleetway Double Diamond racing name Beachcomber)doing so well and winning class 2.

Martin Moores dog Oscar name is Noble Fellow better known by his racing name Boomerang Bunny.

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