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Maintaining weight on dogs fed wet/dry


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Found this really difficult since having two dogs maintaining their wait seems near impossible!

My spaniels wait is all over the place now I am gradually bringing her food amounts down but if I go too low she becomes skinny then balloons to over weight.

My mini schnauzer seems to be doing good now so I am sticking with the food intake she gets but I will need to adjust Millies around a little more to get her weight perfect again. It will help once she is cut as black hairy dogs are tricky to tell when their overweight unless its super obvious.
My old dogs weight creeps up in the winter, mainly because he is very old an dosent have the same amount of exercise in the cold wet weather. his year we adjusted his food so his weight has been more or less stable. My other dog is a pup, so she is just increasing in weight all the time, the last few weeks she has been bored of her food and we noticed she has lost 0 5kg...but we are increasing her walks now as she is getting older and has more energy, we have also just changed her food so i guess is that you keep adjusting it till you can hold a steady weight..if your dogs tend to be overweight increase activity slightly, if this still dosent work reduce food intake ..only by 3-5% and see how that goes. Most people who have overweight dogs dont realise how many titbits and treats the dog has throughout the day so monitor those too :)

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