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New Home Needed Meet Jack the border collie


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Jack is an 18 month old male Border Collie who is housetrained, inoculated, neutered & microchipped. Due to unprovoked aggression towards family members we need to find him maybe a quieter environment on his own where he can be loved and thrive as he deserves a second chance. He is very affectionate, has boundless energy & agility and loves long walks especially in woods & fields where he is very obedient off the lead and good with other dogs and people when we are out but does seem to have car issue's for some reason.

I think you need to add that you are rehoming him with a bite history.
Have you contacted a specialist BC rescue? They will be able to assess and rehome him with just the right new owners, rather than have him get into trouble again and get passed on. At the moment you may need to wait (but then you couldn't have people coming to your home to meet him anyway could you?) Can I just say two things that you may well have thought of but not everyone does.
1. Don't ever let a dog be rehomed with people who cannot provide you with proof of identity and a full reference from a vet attesting they are someone he/she would recommend to own a dog. If people refuse this reasonable request it's safer to discount them.
2. People trying to get hold of dogs for criminal purposes (dog baiting and dog fighting does not go away during covid19) can be very clever. They will pose as 'family homes' and even bring a child to view. But a fit young male dog is ideal bait to train fighting bull breeds on. A fit young entire bitch can be used as puppy producing fodder.
I say these things not to upset you or others but because they happen.

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