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Middletons raw dog food.


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Does anyone use Middleton raw dog minces?
It appears that where ever I search for their products and attempt to place an order (including their own website) the result concludes "Out of stock" !

I do not want to risk placing a repeat order for fear of the system taking my payment and having NO product to send:eek:
Does anyone have any knowledge of what has happened?

I've had a look at their website and as you say, everything seems to be out of stock. I wonder if it could be to do with supply/delivery issues over Xmas? They do have an email address and phone number if you wanted to find out what the situation is.
I wonder if it may be something to do with the Avian bird flu and loss of product.
I did email them twice, about 3 months ago about their change of packaging but got NO reply!
I will look again after the new year.

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