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Miles and Borzoi


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We ran into a beautiful Borzoi today on our walk. He was noticeably bigger than Miles in size, and almost as heavy (39 kg vs Miles' 42). Seemed like a good match, Borzoi's humans didn't mind, and we let the boys meet and interact.

Unfortunately, it did not last long - Miles became quite overbearing, Borzoi was getting uncomfortable, so Miles had to leave.

I guess this could be an instructional video of when it's time to take your pup away...
Oh, well. Maybe next time we'll meet a Ridgeback girl.
Brilliant educational video and kudos to you that you stopped the interaction when the Borzoi was getting stressed. Two very different play styles - sighthounds tend to run together and snatch at each other's necks (just as intimidating to the wrong dog) but of course in a confined area, the Borzoi couldn't do that.

I know in the KC world, RRs are categorised as sighthounds, but they aren't behaviourally. They are more like the extinct Alaunt - the "running mastiff". But that's a whole different conversation.

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