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Selling Millies Wolfheart, Could This Be The New Racing Rocket Fuel?

Millies Wolfheart

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Hi all, My name is Mark from Millies Wolfheart

We have just launched our all new dog food, and it is available for imediate despatch.

Could this be the new Greyhound and Whippet rocket fuel to give you the leading edge?

It is made from only natural ingredients and has NO wheat gluten-grain-barley-oats-beet pulp-rice or preservative.

We formulated this food for working and sporting dogs that require an emense amount of stamina and endurance ability.

It is quite simply 70% salmon and 30% veg and the best thing is it only has salmon protein in it !

Analytical Constituents :

Crude Protein 31.00%

Crude Oils and Fats 18.00%

Crude Fibres 3.00%

Crude Ash 9.00%

Omega 6 0.54%

Omega 3 3.86%

Calcium 1.38%

Phosphorus 1.12%


This food is very low bulk with a very high nutritional value made with the most highly digestable meat protien source Salmon.

You will find us at we also have a great breeders package.

we have a few free samples still available so get in touch quickly.

Still not sure? take a look at our 4.5 star rating at



Our Chewy Fish Treats come in 4 different WONDERFUL shapes – there’s one to suit every breed and size of dog and cat

Made from 100% fish skins, dried in air ovens with no additives, preservatives and colourings.

Chewy fish skins which exfoliate your dog’s and cat's teeth whilst its enjoying the snack!

Ideal for BARF diet dogs and cats – this is a convenient and healthy way to add omega 3 to their diet.

A complementary pet food treat for dogs and cats

Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein 85%;

Crude Ash 12%;

Fat Content 2.4%;

Crude Fibres 0.6%


100% Fish skins


• Chewy • 100% Fish Skins • Low Fat • Clean teeth whilst chewing

• No additives • No preservatives or colourings • Ideal for BARF diets


All the Salmon and Trout used in Millies Wolfheart is all sourced in the United Kingdom, and what’s more all our fishy chews originate from the North Sea and are landed by British fishermen in British ports. All the processing also takes place in the UK as we don’t believe in outsourcing to other countries just to cut costs. This way we can be sure the quality of all our products is second to none furthermore, by sourcing our meat products in the UK we are cutting down on our carbon footprint as many of our competitors import their meat products from as far away as Thailand and even New Zealand simply to cut costs.
I already use fish skins on a daily basis but I haven't noticed them doing much in the way of teeth cleaning :D They don't last long enough and once wet reconstitute. Having said that, all my boys love them and of course, unlike many treats are healthy.

I purchase mine 2kg at a time. If you can give an idea of cost I may be interested!
Not being funny but £52 a 12kg bag?

Thats not a working mans price, nor is it a racing mans price. So the answer to your it wont be the next big thing for racing or working dogs.

I could feed my 3 on chicken breasts and sirloin for £52.95 a month!!!

If you want to break the market in the working/racing world you need to compete with the likes of GAIN and lower your prices.

Im not doubting its good food. But id use a 12kg bag in 3 weeks.

Its just not cost effective if your a working man.

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