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Minehead Open Show 2011 (winter)

Discussion in 'Dog Showing' started by Tiger Lily, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Tiger Lily

    Tiger Lily New Member Registered

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    The Minehead Show was held at Wellsprings Leisure Centre, Taunton, Somerset.

    Whippet Judge & Group Judge - Mrs Chris Mayers (Tcheria)

    BIS Judge - Jenny Hamilton (Pinerock) New Zealand

    Best of Breed - Foster & Gallagher's Turnstone Khameleon of Koppelwell JW ShCM

    Best Puppy - Banyard's Darquell Anna Finale

    Whippet Entry - 31

    Junior (9 entries, 1 absent)

    1st Quirk's Gwendariff Street Angel at Almakaeala

    2nd Banyard's Darquell Anna Finale (BP, PG1)

    3rd Trouton's Whisterfield Water Lily

    4th Heather's Willingwisp Makyn Me Happi Among Jzan

    Graduate (6, 1)

    1st Harding's Tyrapark Tilly's Choice

    2nd Quirk's Gwendariff Guardian Angel

    3rd Kirtland's Palmik Starlight Raider

    4th Carr's Andrea Acubens

    Post Graduate (8, 1)

    1st Kirtland's Erinnis Star Attraction

    2nd Foster & Gallagher's Koppelwell Kurious Kactus JW ShCM

    3rd Lawrence's Kierpark Memphis Belle with Bryntreia

    4th Rees & Jones' Kierpark American Pie

    Open (8, 2)

    1st Foster & Gallagher's Turnstone Khameleon of Koppelwell JW ShCM (BOB, G4)

    2nd Buckridge's Freehamlet Ice Princess

    3rd Butler's Burmore Baudelaire of Ruffdale

    4th Harding's Kierpark Glint of Gold

    A little note - Jean Hood (owner of Spyanfly Schwarzenegger) was placed Puppy Group 2 with her PBGV at only 6 months old and his very first show.
  2. whippetmad

    whippetmad New Member Registered

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    Well done everyone........Well done Trudi :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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