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Miss Pepper's progress


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So here we are 5 days into having Miss Pepper living with us. When people said that dashounds are stubborn, oh my they weren't kidding. But we have mastered the bed time routine, no more crying for us, she knows bed means bed, ok she's up at 6.00am, I didn't realise there was two 6 o'clock in a day. So I don't know about her having an afternoon sleep but I have to have one. Still having problems with her eating and drinking, loved scrambled egg the 1st morning but she went of it 2nd day but day 5 she is loving it again. I am just thinking going to the supermarket which is a place I haven't been to since the start of covid to buy some more chicken and rice, but she can't live on that. Once I can find a food that she loves I will be a very happy person. Our home has got puppy pads every where, and our home has never been so disorganised. Like when my husband says "what's for dinner" "DINNER!!!! unless it's chicken and rice based we are not eating tonight love!"!!! But I do keep looking at our little sweet Miss Pepper and think ok it's only been 5 days and we are early on into the training but am still not convinced that we are training her, it very much feels like she is training us to be honest 😄
We have a section of the forum with helpful puppy tips - maybe you would find some of it helpful?


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