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New Home Needed Moose 8 month old crossbred stoke on trent


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Please meet Moose. This handsome chap is just 9 months old and is currently in emergency boarding in Stoke on Trent.


During his time in a foster home he loved to be with people - ideally women - and will happily cuddle up on the sofa or at your feet whilst you are busy in the kitchen but he is very scared of children, as well as his own reflection in a window or mirror, so dog knows what this poor little lad has been subjected to in his short life so far :(

Moose would do best in a home with adults or teenagers where someone is around a lot and where he can come to you for affection on his terms, as once he knows and trusts you, he loves to cuddle up.

Moose has had basic training and will sit, go down, do hand touches, leave, and has great recall but still needs some work on the lead as he can be anxious when out and fearful of other dogs - and although he was in foster with another dog, any introductions will need to be slow and careful as fear gets the better of him. Travel is also frightening for him and he gets scared in a car, again something that can be overcome with time and patience on your part. He is a very loving, soppy and affectionate boy once he knows he can trust you - but will need a home where you will commit to helping him overcome his fears and forget his past but all the time and effort will be repaid tenfold and you will be rewarded with the most wonderful boy, once he learns the world is not so scary.

Are you kind, generous and patient enough to help this boy unpack his baggage and learn that not everyone is to be feared and the world is not a completely scary place? We would love to find Moose a foster/Furever home and would fully cover the costs of a behaviourist to work with him and any other associated costs if you are prepared to put in the time and effort he deserves. Please can you help Moose?

Please see more photos / apply via the website
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MOOSE desparately needs a long term foster or even better furever home to get him out of Emergency Boarding in Stoke on Trent. Please help

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