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Mourne dog show last sunday 19th may 13

Discussion in 'Hound' started by Margaret Mc Stay, May 21, 2013.

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    Located in the South Eastern corner of Northern Ireland, Mourne is the land of stunning views , natural beauty, lots of sheep on the mountain side, and a patchwork of green fields . As in the beautiful song of our own Percy French “Where the Mountains of Mourne Sweep Down to the Sea” it was in the lap of these majestic mountains that the now famous Mourne Dog Show , Racing and Digging day took place last Sunday 19th May 13.

    The venue for the Dog Show is superb, as it runs along side the beach between Newcastle and Kilkeel and is surrounded by the rolling blue sea no matter what angle you look out from. This was a truly Brilliant Dog Show, a great family day out, and a day to remember. I met up with so many old friends, and also made some new ones. I had a very relaxing conversation with the Great Game Fairs of Ireland Director Albert Titterington and his lovely wife Irene. It was nice to speak to Albert out of work, because when Shanes Castle comes on stream on the Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June 13 , Albert will not have much time to talk to anybody. He will be too busy organising all the great events at this top Game Fair.

    All the Showing, Digging, Strong dogs, Pulling and Racing ran like clockwork without a hitch. The weather kept dry all day, very cloudy with a little sunshine. It was great weather for the children at the show. There was plenty of room for them to run around and play in a safe environment. I am sure there were some tired little people on the night and some of the grown ups also. I know how I felt when I got home. Fell into chair and went fast asleep.

    The Mourne Show is becoming a very popular venue, growing each year in attendance, and going from strength to strength with top class dogs of every breed.

    The show got under way at approx 12.30 Noon.

    Well done to the winners in the childrens handling class. It was nice to see so many children taking part in the showing. Keep up the good work. You are the show organisers and competition winners of tomorrow. You all have made your parents very proud of you. One little boy got a very pleasant surprise on his birthday. Owen Brennan was in the childrens handling class, when he was presented with a beautiful birthday cake. It was worth gold to see the smile and surprise on that little fellows face. Owen is the son of Graham Brennan, an avid show goer and brilliant huntsman. Graham and all his Dublin Huntsmen mates come down all the way from Dublin and Drogheda, to all our shows here in the North of Ireland. You are all so welcome. A very happy birthday Owen.

    Here are the results of the Showing and digging as follows. ( Joanne, thanks for all the results )

    Showing Results


    Whippet pup - Rea Wilson with Lola

    Whippet bitch - David Best with Penny

    Whippet dog - David Best with Harley

    Pairs - Leah Gray with Bodi & Moley

    Working dog or bitch - Charlene Rafferty with Viper

    Veteran dog or bitch - John Mc Stay with Sliver

    Overall Whippet Champion

    Davy Best with Harley


    Terrier pup - Paul Heslip - Mollie

    Russell dog - Peter Morgan with Mick

    Lakeland dog or bitch - Paul Heslip with Ranger

    Fell dog or bitch - John Heslip with Tyson

    Border dog or bitch - Cait Thorpe with Tallulah

    Working dog or bitch - Darren guy with Max

    Crossbred dog or bitch - Sharon with Pip

    Under 12inch dog or bitch - John Heslip with Buddy

    Overall Champion Terrier

    Paul Heslip with Ranger


    Lurcher Pups - Graham Brennan with Spode

    Smooth bitch under 23" - Fiona Devlin with Diva

    Smooth dog under 23" - Stephen Dumigan with Dash

    Rough dog or bitch under 23" - Brain Crothers with Nell

    Smooth bitch over 23" - Shane Rooney with Roxy

    Smooth dog over 23" - Sean Higgins with Strider

    Rough dog or bitch over 23" - Graham Brennan with Gypsy

    Lamping dog or bitch - Jed Darragh with Chief

    Courseing dog or bitch - Fiona Devlin with Roly

    Fox dog or bitch - Thomas John Anderson with Beast

    Racing bred dog or bitch - Rose mc Coy with Diego

    Lurcher Pairs - Aaron Niell with Jess & Brook

    Overall Lurcher

    Sean Higgins with Strider


    Hound pup - John Shaw with Kenda

    Working dog or bitch - Stephen with Scrabble

    Beagle dog or bitch - Sophie Annette with Copper

    Foxhound dog or bitch - Paul Mc Keoun with Clover

    Crossbred dog - Martin with Peanut

    Crossbred bitch - Paul Higgins with Honey

    Welshhound - Stephen Mc Nally Scrabble

    Overall Champion Hound :

    Stephen Mc Nally with Scrabble

    Strong Dogs

    Strongdog Pup- Brian Cunningham with Axle

    Staff dog or bitch - Colin Tucker with Solo

    English bull dog or bitch - Neil Cunningham with pudge

    Working dog or bitch - Colin Tucker with Rio

    Bulldog dog - Kieran Mc Cartney with Al Capone

    Bulldog bitch - Ciara Griffin with Sheeba

    Crossbred dog or bitch - Spud Dooley with Dio

    Overall Champion Strong Dog :

    Colin Tucker with Rio

    *Overall Show Champion :

    Sean Higgins with Strider

    *Reserve Champion

    Davy Best with Harley

    Well done to both men and may you go on to win many more.


    There was a real buss of excitement as usual around the field, when the Digging competition began. As soon as that whistle blew to start the digging competition, with shovels and pik axes at the ready, the digging competition commenced. The crowd played their part by cheering on their favourite teams. These guys, one and all showed no mercy to the ground beneath them. With the sweat running down their brows, they dug ferociously to the whistle blew once more signalling the end of the dig. The digs were measured very accurately by Kieran Young , assisted by Graham Meek.

    The winners were announced as follows :

    Winners - Paddy Gilmore & Shane Larkin

    Reserve- Shane Gilmartin & Keith Breen

    Irene and AJ Titterington presented the prizes to the winning digging team. A Big Congratulations to the winning team, and all the other teams who took part in the competition.

    Racing Results :

    Terrier - Liam Toner

    Whippet - Charlene Rafferty with Lush

    Over 23" Lurcher - Paul Higgins with Blue

    Under 23" Lurcher - Ruairi Mc Cartan with star

    Over 23" elite - Jed Donagh with Jess

    Under 23" elite - Rose Mc Coy with Diego

    Under 21" - Rose Mc Coy with Zola

    Pup Race - Colin Mc Kay wIth Flick

    And Finally, A big thank you to the judges John Humphries/Geoffrey Hutchinson/Trevor Coulter/Rodney Gibson/and Patrick Head. Your judging was impeccable and carried out with precision and fairness. With so many dogs in each class, a hard days work was carried out by all and a job well done. I think Tangos helpers Neill Cunningham/Patsy Mc Coy / Glen Doherty / and Graham Meek did not have to be rocked to sleep last night. Your helping hands was much appreciated. Our photographers Bluebell and the gentleman photographer, whose name I did not get were out in force with their cameras on the day and hopefully we will see some lovely photographs up shortly. What would we do without yous.

    And Finally, Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank Tango and his family for a great days enjoyment, and a brilliant show day. I know you and your family have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for weeks now, just to make last Sunday a successful and enjoyable day out for everyone. Without your hard work and dedication none of this would happen. It is also nice to know that some of our worthy Charities in Northern Ireland will benefit from your input and hard graft. A great day and a great show, and I am already looking forward to next years show and your race day in November. Thanks Tango for everything.

    Margaret Mc Stay

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