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My dog has low protein

Mary Mary

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Hi there just looking for some advice please I have a 12 year old bischon and he has low protein in his body. He has had blood tests and scans but nothing so the vet said to give him a spoon of cottage cheese a day and he's eating that but unfortunately that's all that he is eating. He was on perscription food and went off that then he was on chappie and now he has gone off that too. His belly is full of fluid and he had a steroid injection last Tuesday but his belly is still swollen. I'm stuck to what I can feed him as he is a very fussy eater. Please if anyone has any advice I would be very gratefull
Try some fresh raw mince, it is very easy to digest, has good moisture content and I have never seen or had a bloated tummy from any of mine with it. Over 20 years!

Start with either minced green tripe (but don't cook it) or minced raw chicken. If you find he likes this vary his meat types to help ballance his nutriion. You will very likely find that his bloated tummy will disapear.

Do stop all food that has wheat or grains in it as this can be very difficult for our canine pets to digest. Take care with grain base treats too.

Most good pet stores have a freezer with various types of mince and some supply frozen complete raw meals too. There is no need for you to have raw mess about if you feed this way.

It is easy to change to raw without any problems and you can start straight away. Your little dogs digestive system will benefit from it.

Good luck with what ever you decide.
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Thank you so much for your advice I shall pop to pets at home tomorrow to try their food Thamks again
Keep in touch and post again with an update. :flowers:
The vet is the person you should be asking to be honest
You have to get some sort of high protein in the dogs diet.

To be honest you have to follow your vets advice, they have the results of the blood tests, scans etc, they will know just how much damage the low protien has caused.

Total Protein (TP) tells your vet a lot of things. It is a clue to how well your dog is hydrated. It also tells your veterinarian a lot about how well your pet’s liver and kidneys are functioning.

When your pet is severely deficient in TP, fluid can leak into the space surrounding its lungs (pleural effusion) and abdominal organs (ascites).

Respectively, that causes difficulty in breathing or a potbelly.

This needs specialist vetrinary treatment,,, trust your vet He\She has all of the test results, they do know to a certain level just how bad the condition is and the best treatment for the particular animal, please do not make things worse by mis-diagnosing.

Please keep us all up to date.


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