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My dog simba

Discussion in 'Dog Pictures and Videos' started by Simbadog, Jun 2, 2018.

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  1. Simbadog

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  2. leashedForLife

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    this, by the way, is a fantastic written program for training -
    Training Levels (originals) | Mind to Mind

    Levels Training is unique, as it includes every step [each 'level'] of a particular exercise, plus as each exercise advances in difficulty, the needed "Ds" are also written in.
    Proofing is so essential, but it's the area where many dog-owners fail - they don't understand that asking a dog to Sit in a quiet living-room at home, is wildly different from asking that dog to Sit in a crowded waiting-room at the vet's office, with human strangers, random pets of different species, & constant arrivals & departures, or asking the dog to Sit in the woods, with sounds, smells, & sights that are incredibly distracting, compared to a familiar, boring, unchanging home living-room!

    Sue-eh is a well-known trainer in Canada, primarily teaching dog sports & helping disabled persons train their own assistance dogs [SDs in the states, for 'Service Dog'].
    The biggest advantage of Levels Training is that every dog is following her or his own training plan; they can be anywhere on the spectrum, in each exercise. A dog can be Level 8 on walking loose-leashed, yet be a Level 1 on recall, & a Level 4 on Sit / Stay. Their personal strengths & frailties are supported, all along.

    I know that in the UK, 'service dogs' are military or police k9s, so the nomenclature can be confusing; our military K9s are MWDs, Military Working Dogs; U-S police or security-k9s are either patrol-k9s or detection-dogs, for drugs, arson, weapons, other contraband, or evidence; then there are PPDs, Personal-Protection Dogs, who bite on cue & may be trained to bite w/o a cue, if someone makes a threatening move.

    happy training, :)
    - terry

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