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I am currently in the process of setting up a dog walking service in the Southampton/ New Forest area of Hampshire and want to provide the best possible service. Therefore, I would really appreciate help with some basic market research from Dog Forum members, who know about dogs.

There are only 10 questions!

Your contribution will help me to plan my service. Thank you in advance.

Thank you also to the admins for allowing me to post,

A number of contributors were not getting past the second question, so I have rewritten my questionnaire to allow for those who are not currently interested in using a dog walking service. I have also allowed for American contributors.

Thank you to all those Dog Forum members who have taken the time to help. It is much appreciated.

The link is the same as above:

After nearly one hundred responses in just under two weeks, I thought I would update everyone who has contributed with a brief analysis of the survey.

Q1. Almost half the respondents own one dog, ten percent less own two dogs, another ten percent less own three and so on.

Q2. Around half were not interested in a dog walking service, the remainder used one or were at least thinking about doing so.

Q3. The main reason for using a dog walking service was working, at nearly fifty percent, followed by illness or family commitments.

Q4. Most people, by far, paid £10 ($15) an hour or less. Some paid up to £20 ($30), but no-one paid more than this.

Q5. Contributors' thoughts regarding the fairness of prices matched their answers for Q4, with slightly more optng for £10 ($15), rather than for less.

Q6. The largest group by far, 85 percent, said they would use a service following a recommendation, followed by the internet at 40 percent. Flyers were next and a small proportion said they would rely on posters, cards in shop windows or newspaper adverts (around 5 percent each).

Q7. The factors judged very important in a service were, in order: (i) previous experience, (ii) being friendly and caring, and (iii) references from previous clients. Many felt flexible bookings were important. Offering other services had little significance.

Q8. Well over half of respondents thought the ideal duration for a dog walk was 30 minutes to an hour, with most of the remainder opting for more. About 5 percent thought less than half an hour.

Q9. The services that appealed most were, in order: (i) dog walked by the same person, (ii) emergency bookings, and (iii) one-to-one dog walking. The other services came close and were level with each other. The least appealing (less than 10 percent each) were taxi-to-vet, online booking and other. I expected online booking to be more popular.

Q10. The required patterns of walking were, once a day for five days a week, one-offs and more than five days a week. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the survey, to me, was that only ten percent expected twice a day for five days a week or less.

Thank you again, and the survey is still open:
WARNING: SurveyMoney have now closed my survey, although it may appear active. I apologise for this, but it seems to be out of my control.
Thank you Dog House. I do have some questions, so I'll get back to you if that is okay.

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