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My new puppy

Carol S

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Hello you may remember back in January I was hoping to find either a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Well here she is . Meet Freya our Cavalier King Charles spaniel. She is just over 9 weeks old and an absolute dream to have. We have only had her one week today and in that time only had three little wee accidents in the house one of which was totally my fault for not taking her out sooner. Although we have a large garden she stays close to me so haven’t had to keep her in a small area. She has her 2nd vaccination in a few days so she can’t go out yet , but we have taken her out in the car to get her used to it.
I take her out into the garden twice during the night usually about 1 am and again around 4.30 am and she goes back to sleep straight away. She is an absolute poppit. I will put a photo of her on here when I can get them off my phone onto my Ipad.
Congratulations, I'll look forward to the photos.
They are such lovely dogs, and you are such a caring owner to pre-empt any possible issues. Looking forward to hearing more about your puppy in due course. Maybe some photos, too.....
Congrats from me too, love the name Freya.:)
Also looking forward to pics!

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