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My new study area.

Discussion in 'General Dog Forum' started by WalkWithMeCanine, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. WalkWithMeCanine

    WalkWithMeCanine New Member Registered

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    Hello guys, Hope you all had a brilliant christmas and new years eve. I just thought i would write small post to show you my new study area as i was so proud of it. ;)
    For Christmas my dad kindly passed down his old mac, as i had been using my iPhone to write documents for over a year now. So with the money i received for Christmas from the rest of the family, I decided to buy myself a new desk and lots of accessories to inspire me to study and write more.

    So i wanted to share with you my lovely studying area in which I can continue my studies of canine behaviour and write lots of articles and essays comfortably!.

    Enjoy the photos.





  2. lurcherman

    lurcherman Well-Known Member Registered

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    you sound happy and pleased with your new set up so i hope you enjoy plenty of study time..
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