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My Shih Tzu Luna


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Hi. My name is Luna. I am a 7 year old Shih Tzu and I am not very well at the moment. I have been to the vet and he gave me medicine which I have now completed the course.
Welcome! If you have any questions, ask away....
Welcome to the forum, Luna. I hope the medicine has made you feel much better.
Thank you. I would like to talk about Luna and her ailment, also if anyone else has experienced the same with their Shih Tzu
Thank you. I would like to talk about Luna and her ailment, also if anyone else has experienced the same with their Shih Tzu

Of course - feel free to post about it in our Health section: Dog Health
Welcome from us too.
My Shih Tzu is only 7 years old. Since she passed 7 years she has become really lethargic. Sleeps a lot during the day. I would like to hear from someone who has a 7 year old to see if that is normal or not.
Any unexplained change in behaviour warrants a thorough vet check - have you spoken to your vet about this? Bear in mind that what is 'normal' for one dog might not be normal in another, even if they are the same breed and age.
I'd add, it would be worth asking for blood tests to check her thyroid function.
Thank you all. I have visited the vet twice regarding this. They have done a health check on her and said she is fine.
Its hard to get her to eat some days. I have to try and coax her with a piece of boiled chicken or a small amount of cheese, which she loves, I don't want to keep giving her that though.
Its just ive noticed a change in her since she turned 7. Blood Tests are the way forward, Im surprised the vet has not opted for that.
Welcome. I hope you get some answers soon. What else has your vet recommended?
She has suggested giving her a supplement as she may have arthritis. I’ve noticed sometimes she struggles to get up, but she never cries or whimpers nothing. I am giving her YouMove tabs at the moment. Vet said they were ok to give her them. She has clicking legs.
My inclination would be to ask if you could try her on some anti-inflammatories or other painkillers. If she perks up, then that would suggest that she has some form of discomfort that is slowing her down.

Try to make sure that she doesn't pick up that you are worried about her - that's likely to worry her in turn and could affect her behaviour.
She has been on Gabapentin & Metacam for the last week. She’s been much brighter tonight. I think we could be on the mend.

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